Pilates Benefits Baby Boomers To Stay Young And Healthy

Why Pilates Exercises For Seniors Improves An Active Lifestyle

Pilates for Baby Boomers

Pilates benefits are winning the hearts and minds of thousands of baby boomers all over the world as they take part in slower, gentler forms of exercise like Pilates. As we age, other forms of exercise like jogging or traditional workouts are no longer an option because of the stress it puts on joints.

Pilates exercises are the perfect solution for baby boomers because it provides a full body workout without the wear and tear.

Basic Pilates includes stretching, lengthening for better posture and resistance training. You are working your body in a gentler way but getting the same results and in many ways the results are better.

Let’s step back in time to a place where Jane Fonda ruled the roost. Bounce, dance, high kick and over stretch yourself into fitness. And remember…feel the burn! No pain no gain!

Now jump ahead thirty years to present day. Those loyal aerobic class takers are aging and are a part of the fastest growing group in the USA, Baby Boomers. But now, they can’t jump up high, stretch down low, or run around the bases like they used to. They are aging.

The perfect fitness solution

Although men’s health and fitness has always revolved around more active activities such as sports and running, Pilates benefits has everything a male baby boomer needs to stay in shape and even increases their level of fitness with less stress and risk to the body.

For female Baby Boomers, maintaining flexibility and strength as they age is important. Pilates is so gentle on the joints, Pilates benefits really lends itself well to an aging population.

Key Pilates Benefits For Senior Fitness Exercise

• Pilates can slow down the signs of aging by making your joints and muscles more pliable thus making every day movements easier.

• It is a gentle type of exercise that leaves your body feeling relaxed but also provides the full body workout that other traditional workouts do..

• The deep breathing that accompanies Pilates exercise can oxygenate your blood and leave you feeling exhilarated after a workout.

• Pilates assists in continuing your fitness goals when you’re at an age when your body is not capable of doing what it used to do.

• Increases joint movement, overall mobility and bone density, especially important as you age.

• Pilates decreases stress and tension, joint inflammation, swelling and stiffness to provide a better quality of life for you.

 Benefits of Pilates exercise for Baby Boomers

Pilates Exercise Benefits is a Winning Formula for Men and Women

These are all great reasons for any Baby Boomer to take part in Pilates classes.

Get The Pilates Body You’ve Always Wanted

Pilates is not gender oriented. Anyone can do it!