Bare Facts On Nude Pilates That Won’t Leave You Cold

The Au-Natural Nude Exercising Workout

Nude exercises. Nude Pilates. Nude Yoga. Drop your inhibitions at the door. Nude Exercising in the buff is here and it is not just for those going to nude resorts.

When researching this article, I am interested, no…shocked, at how many forums there are for nude exercises. I am no prude. I am merely curious. Here are a few adjectives I’ve read on some of these forums of people describing their au-natural workouts. Freeing. That comes up a lot. Uninhibited. Ok…obviously. Productive. Productive? Let’s think about that one.

When exercising in your birthday suit, there is nothing to hide. Better yet, when doing Pilates nude exercises, this means even more.

Pilates is such a detail oriented exercise method with a great attention paid to form.

How better to see your form than to do a little nude Pilates!

You can’t possibly cheat. That belly is going to be in. Those shoulders are going to be down. Your bottom is going to be engaged.

Does this mean that your local Pilates studio is going to start offering nude Pilates classes? Probably not. My Pilates studio is not mainly because no one would come. I live in puritanical New England. We cover up most everything around here.

I think that most people are practicing their nude pilates workouts in the privacy of their own home or at a nudist camp.

Safe Naked Workouts, Is it safe to exercise naked?

I have to believe that most exercising can be done nude, however, watch out for those high impact exercises. Breasts and testicles need a little extra support.

And what about the cleanliness factor? What boil producing germs are going to be getting into places where they shouldn’t be? Even the cleanest Pilates equipment carry a certain amount of germs. This definitely has a kind of yuck factor.Let’s spin this subject a bit. What is the naked truth about Pilates?

What are some myths?

Myth: Pilates is just for women. Naked Truth: No way! Pilates was developed by a man. Men need strength training, flexibility and balance as much as women do.

Myth: Pilates is like Yoga. Naked Truth: No way! Yoga is Yoga. Pilates is Pilates. Now there is some cross referencing. Breathing, stretching and focus are part of both modalities, but the similarities stop there.

Myth: Pilates is too hard to master. Naked Truth: No way! You have to start somewhere and beginners benefit from Pilates as much as seasoned professionals. Always start with the basics even if you are a fit individual. Remember: You must build a strong foundation before you build a house!

So whether nude Pilates exercises is your thing or not, give Pilates a try. With or without your clothes on, Pilates is a beautiful choice.