Relieve Office Stress

Lower Back Stretches Help Prevent Work Related Stress Without Ever Leaving Your Desk

There are many simple and discreet Pilates basic moves exercises you can do right at your desk to relieve office stress and tension. If you have been trying to fit an exercise schedule into your busy workday, you may not have thought about actually doing your exercises at work!

You can choose to do it at lunch; on your break or even if you arrive early in the morning before work. Some focus areas that may cause and retain stress are your lower back and shoulders.

It is very important to practice these stretching and posture exercises as well as office stress management to achieve the best possible results.

Pilates is a fitness discipline designed to increase your flexibility, your body alignment and perhaps most importantly, Pilates increases your mental alertness. This is great news for many office workers out there.

No matter what type of career you have, there may be a certain level of stress that is associated with it.

If you are searching for a way to eliminate and relieve office stress, Pilates at the office is the answer for you.
Try these FREE Pilates exercise to Relieve Office Stress

Pilates lower back exercises you can do in your office:

The Swinging Warm-Up: A Pilates basic move you can do anywhere.

• Stand up with your arms and knees loose.

• Lift your arms over your head and swing them down to the floor, bending your knees slightly but letting your upper body hang like a rag doll.

• Swing them back up and try again.

• Breathe deeply as you move through this motion. This is an excellent way to stretch your back muscles and relieve any tension that is being held.

Another Pilates Lower Back Exercise for Stretching:

• Sitting at your desk, place your back flat against the chair back.

• Engage your abdominal muscles by pulling them in and up. Hold this for a moment, then release and repeat. Imagine that you are zipping up a tight pair of jeans.

• This exercise can also be done standing against a wall.

Lower back exercises can be extremely important whether you have back issues or not as this is a key spot for stress in the office place.

Try this Pilates basic move for neck and shoulders:

• Sitting at your desk, tilt your head to the right, dropping your right ear to your right shoulder. Be careful not to raise your shoulder to your ear.

• Return to center and tilt the other direction.

• Repeat this a few times each side.

• Now turn your head to look left, hold for a moment, and turn head to the right and hold.

• Repeat a few times each side.

The Plank Position: For your shoulders, try the plank position. It is one of the best shoulder exercises that Pilates offers.

• Face the wall and stand far enough away that you need to lean forward to reach the wall.

• Place hands on the wall a little wider than shoulders width apart.

• Lower your chest to the wall, hold, then return to starting position.

• Make sure to keep your body tight and in place. Create a long line from head to your feet.

• Repeat 5 times.

Advanced Plank: Try a plank position on the floor.

• To begin, lay flat on your stomach on the floor. Then lift yourself into a push-up position.

• Keep your butt, core and shoulder blades tight and then slowly lower yourself closer to the floor keeping your weight shifted in your feet.

• Try to push yourself back up to your starting position.

• Make sure to keep your core firm and engaged. Think of pulling your navel to your spine the whole time you are in plank position.

This exercise can be tough for beginners so please go slow!

These are just a few of the many Pilates basic move, neck and shoulder and lower back exercises you can do at the office. Doing Pilates basic moves, and stretch exercises throughout the day will keep your muscles loose and increase your mental alertness when doing office work.

So, the next time you want to relieve office stress, try Pilates!